Why Are Safe Condition Signs Important?

No matter how many talks people receive, it is impossible to predict how they will react during an emergency. People often assume that they will know what to do if they need to evacuate, it might be the case but a little bit of extra help will not hurt.

To understand the importance of safe condition signs, first one must understand the reason to their existence.


Safe condition signs help people find escape exists, first aid kits and any other kind of help a person may need during an emergency. They are green and do not have text since they are not to contain more information than a simple image.

Safety Goes First

Emergencies are stressful and most people forget the first rule, to stay calm. Nowadays, safety is an issue worldwide due to the frequent terrorist attacks and natural disasters that leave high numbers of casualties behind. Some circumstances cannot be predicted but if the population receive the proper education, the number of loses could be reduced.

There are courses available online for free so people know how to recognize the signs and act in case of an emergency. Local institutions like fire stations have information available. Private contractors offer safety courses for companies.

Showing the Way

Safe condition signs have the sole purpose of showing people their way to safety. Escape exits and evacuation routes are the safest way out of a building because architects make them the safest part of the structure. First aid kits are mandatory on public places but they are not visible for anybody, however a sign will show the exact location.

Exits and first aid kits are the most popular signs but are not the only ones available. There are several other signs that could be shown, for example:

· Assembly point: In case of natural disaster like earthquakes, it signals where people should gather to wait for help.

· Emergency telephone: In case the regular channels of communication stop working.

· Lifejacket: For emergencies while people are on the water.

· Emergency shower and emergency eyewash station: In case the person gets exposed to any kind of toxic substance.